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whats the point of living life if it just contradicts?

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In Which Patrick Is A Monster (Patrick Stump Imagine)


Opening line suggested by haha-justkiddin: Patrick looked straight into your eyes, straight into your soul. 

Patrick looked straight into your eyes, straight into your soul.  At least something that looked like Patrick did. It still had his muss of dirty blonde hair and slender silhouette. The raised cheekbones and delicate lips were all there. But it wasn’t him. There was no way it could be him. The Patrick you knew wasn’t capable of such a harsh, angry gaze. He didn’t hunch over or breathe heavily. His aura wasn’t that of an animal, he didn’t have a fucking hook for a hand, and you’d sure as hell never be afraid of him.

No. This was not Patrick. This was a monster, and you knew there were only two options to deal with such things. Either you run or you fight. At least that was what you’d learned over the years as you watched the other monsters. The ones that you’d seen on the news who did unspeakable things in the dark for money, sex, or just plain blood. Yes, those you could take care of. You’d never been unfortunate enough to meet one, but you knew you could handle yourself if you ever did. This, however…this you didn’t know what to do with. You’d been taught to bite and kick at strangers, not the very man who insisted you take classes and watch videos to learn how to defend yourself in the first place. How could you fend off someone who, just yesterday, had held you tight and whispered promises of a future together in your ear? Who’d looked just as deeply into your eyes but in a much different way. Who’d stolen your heart.

You couldn’t. That was the answer. You just couldn’t.

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